Our Plan for the LCYC Community Center

Right now, area residents are burdened with traveling to surrounding communities to experience opportunities that could be offered here. LCYC wants to encourage these LaGrange County residents to act quickly and “flip-flop” this scenario. This building project will provide all those opportunities for our young people, adults and senior members to expand their minds and other aspects of their lives. Your financial generosity, whether made by donation or pledge, will allow LCYC to construct a community center which will house a full fitness area, indoor soccer field, basketball and volleyball courts, a community room and so much more. Along with providing the members of the community with new opportunities this new structure will bring needed economic growth and development to our area. Neighbors, friends and families will enjoy the social aspect of what this facility will deliver.

We are a growing community and by having a place where we can gather to socialize, financially increase local businesses and develop economically is something LaGrange County has needed for a long time.

It is time we take a proactive approach to meet the growing needs of the community.

The community center will feature:

  • One official size indoor soccer field
  • 2 Basketball courts with viewing deck
  • 4 Volleyball courts with viewing deck
  • Pickleball
  • Locker rooms
  • Batting/Golf cage
  • Indoor walking/running track
  • Full fitness area and aerobics studio
  • Large community room for special events (seats 150)
  • 2 large classrooms and a youth center
  • Large concession area
  • Full kitchen/teaching kitchen

Things To Consider:

Enrichment Activities for all ages at Community Centers

We will offer something for everyone, programs for all age groups and interests. This includes both group classes and opportunities for individuals to enjoy the resources provided by the community. Some of these programs include sports leagues for all age groups and a variety of activities for senior citizens. We will also provide many self-directed activities such as working out, walking on the track, and playing basketball.

Bringing communities together

This facility will serve as an affordable place for people to get physically fit, enjoy activities, and spend time with their family and friends. A community center provides residents with a common setting to congregate for recreation and improve wellness.

Why not?

That having a community center makes a city more attractive to potential residents. Many towns and cities across the country have found that to maintain a viable community, they need to adapt to meet the changing needs of today’s busy society. Community centers provide a central location for its citizens and visitors to enjoy high quality fitness, education, arts and culture, recreation and social opportunities. Such facilities serve as year-round central gathering places for community members of all ages and interests. A community center can also draw-in visitors to LaGrange County. As more and more competing communities build similar community centers, visitors may choose to go elsewhere because these towns offer facilities that appeal to families with young children and/or multigenerational families. The addition of a modern, year -round community center offers activities for all ages and abilities and adds to visitor appeal.

Impacting the youth and community members

Lagrange County residents may ask how a community wellness center will affect them personally. A new center provides opportunities for a plethora of positive benefits to community members. Some of these include: keeping kids off the streets; increased community awareness; a “community hub” and a cohesive sense of community where friends and family can meet; exercise, fitness and condition; fun and entertainment; learning and education; relaxation; healthy lifestyles; social benefits; group participation and multi-generational interactions. What specific services will be offered at the center? A snapshot of possible offerings includes instructional classes; an indoor public gym, and walking track; organized sports facilities; arts and culture; crafts; personal enrichment services; senior services; a community gathering place and meeting rooms for established community groups.

Improves Interpersonal Skills

Team games and activities allow you to exhibit your skills such as leadership and teamwork and enhance them. Group activities teach you to work as a team, which is helpful in real life too. They allow you to interact with and adjust to different types of people, thus increasing your adaptability. Such activities help enhance your interpersonal skills.

Economic Boost

Lastly, what economic benefits can our community expect from the community center? Benefits include, affordability; basic services to financially challenged residents; community integration of disabled or socially disadvantaged community members; job creation; reduction in health problems and costs; increased property values and tax revenues; an economic stimulus for local businesses and partnership opportunities for businesses to offer services at the center; new business attractions; year-round boost to tourism and leisure retail industry; and long-term community sustainability.

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